Investment & Consulting


High Class Financial Moderation and Investment Coordination for HNWIs and UHNWIs.

Access to financial regulatory regulated alternative investments in public and non-public financial market.

Firewall and gatekeeper in the high class investment scene (where no access is possible without contact to a key position)

For UHNWIs: direct access to project funding via private placement, alternative investment solutions and to the largest traders of A-bank instruments in the primary and secondary markets - historically best case very high return on investment as monthly distributions, contractually secured (very strict compliance check) - depending on market from 50M or 100M

For HNWIs: direct access to a reputable trading company that does algorithmic trading (futures etc.) and is regulated by the UK FCA regulator - funds remain in the investor's broker account and do not need to be transferred - trading via API interface ("mirrored trading"), only 5% of capital in trading risk - historically well above average return on invest, contractually secured (medium compliance check) - from 1M

BTC: High level trade program in secured mode for bitcoin - bitcoins are held on the trust wallet of a renowned trustee during the deal and monetized externally at 60% - historically and monthly very high return on invest, contractually secured (very strict compliance check) - starting at 100M

Private equity and venture capital projects

Access to a lucrative investment via over-the-counter share purchase in an investment company structuring a professional investment portfolio (algorithmic proprietary trading in financial markets, venture capital and US real estate trading) - regulated by US SEC and German BaFin - with international and German securities identification number (ISIN & WKN) - up to 5% dividend per quart plus possible leverage in 2023 on IPO - starting at 10,000 Euro

- Part of the "Part of the Team of the Asset Manager" of an external Asset Company for HNWIs and UHNWIs

Compliance Services and Corporate Finance

Financial Coaching and Training as Investment Professional

"Be among those who are the first to know about top investments, alternative investment opportunities and private placements with a high return on investment. Take advantage of the crucial knowledge advantage over banks, brokers and traditional asset managers and take us to the top of the value chain."

The Company
The CSI – Capital Service International Ltd (CSI) is an irish Corporation and a specialist for alternative investments, corporate finance and innovative wealth management.

For High Net-Worth Indiviuals (HNWI`s) and Ultra High-Net-Worth Indiviuals (UHNWI`s) a professional financial moderation and investment coordination is offered. We have a high-class performance network and we have possibilities beyond the known average.

"The extraordinary does not happen in a smooth, ordinary way."
- Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

The acting persons
The CSI network and individuals include consultants from US and European governments and other systemic institutions.

The network is supplemented by high-class management consultants, who have been active in the field of legal tax optimization since 1971 and specialize in special purpose vehicles (SPVs) in various countries. Almost all persons involved are themselves High Net-Worth Individuals (HNWIs) or even Ultra High-Net-Worth Individuals (UHNWIs).

There are currently only about 200 companies worldwide that can boast of this concentrated load of competence and access.

"The key to success is not the information. These are people."

- Lee Iaocca, former chairman of Chrysler

CSI has built and consolidated a broad network. This consists of specialized consultants, trust companies, family offices, investment banking platforms and real estate companies.

"If you can´t find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until the day you die."
- Warren Buffet, $ 80 billion fortune CEO of Berkshire Hathaway with a market value of $ 500 billion

Our philosophy:

Appreciation comes from value creation.

Our core values:
Honesty, fairness, reliability, trust, respect, commitment, responsibility, business ethics.

Our mission:
Our common mission is to enable many people to attain true prosperity and financial freedom. Already wealthy people, we help to get to a much higher level. We are an opportunity giver and love to let our clients generate a high profit.

Our vision:
Our vision is to grow profitably while further expanding our high-class performance network and enhancing our positive social impact. We live this as acting persons. By combining our multinational network with our diverse local roots, we can offer alternative opportunities that meet the needs of our clients. Or even surpass them by far. By leveraging our global reach and investing even more in humanitarian projects, we can be effective in making a big impact on the world.

"We can not close our eyes to the challenges facing the world, the economy must make a significant, positive contribution to addressing these issues, and I am convinced that we can create a more just and sustainable future for all of us."



• Zugang zu von der Finanzaufsicht regulierten, alternativen Investments im öffentlichen und nicht öffentlichen Finanzmarkt

• Firewall und Gatekeeper im Bereich der internationalen High Class Investmentszene (wo kein Zugang ohne den Kontakt zu einer Schlüsselposition möglich ist)

• Für UHNWIs: direkter Zugang to Project Funding via Private Placement, alternative Investment Solutions und zu den grössten Tradern von A-Bankinstrumenten in den primären und sekundären Märkten - historisch beste case sehr hohe Return on Invest als monatliche Ausschüttungen, vertraglich abgesichert (sehr strenge Compliance-Prüfung) - je nach Marktsituation ab 50M oder 100M

• Für HNWIs: direkter Zugang zu einer renommierten Trading Company, die algorithmisches Trading in allen Finanzmärkten betreibt und durch die britische FCA-Aufsichtsbehörde reguliert ist - Funds verbleiben auf dem Broker Account des Investors und müssen nicht transferiert werden - Trading via API-Schnittstelle ("gespiegelter Handel"), nur 5% des Kapitals im Handelsrisiko - historisch weit überdurchschnittliche Return on Invest, vertraglich abgesichert (mittlere Compliance-Prüfung) - ab 1M

• BTC: High Level Trade Programm im abgesicherten Modus für Bitcoin - die Bitcoins werden während des Deals auf dem Treuhand-Wallet eines renommierten Treuhänders gehalten und extern zu 60 Prozent monetarisiert - historisch und monatlich sehr hohe Return on Invest, vertraglich abgesichert (sehr strenge Compliance-Prüfung) - ab 100M

• Private Equity und Venture Capital Projekte

• Zugang zu einer lukrativen Beteiligung über ausserbörslichen Aktienkauf an einer Beteiligungsgesellschaft, die ein professionelles Investmentportfolio strukturiert (algorithmischer Eigenhandel an den Finanzmärkten, Venture Capital und US-Immobilienhandel) - mit Regulierung der US-amerikanischen SEC und der deutschen BaFin - mit internationaler und deutscher Wertpapierkennnummer (ISIN & WKN) - bis zu 5% Dividende pro Quartel plus möglicher Leverage in 2023 am Börsengang (einfache KYC-Prüfung)

• Wir gehören zum „Part of the Team des Asset Managers" einer externen Asset Company für HNWIs und UHNWIs

• Compliance Services and Corporate Finance

• Finanz Coaching und Ausbildung zum Investment Professional

the best in invest.


Branch Office Germany:
  Lavesstr. 79 30159 Hannover
• Phone: +49 (0)511. 165 810 72
• Steuernr.: 24/233/21400
• Managing Director Germany und
  Sachkundebeauftrager nach §34c GewO:

  S. Walther

• Post Address Ireland:  
  76 Bannow Rd Cabra • DO7 FR84 Dublin 7
• Registered Office Ireland:  
  3 Cavendish Row DO1 KV26 Dublin 1
Company No. 646315
• Managing Director:  
  F. Ferragamo
• Phone: +353. (1)443 3497

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